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You're never too old to make a complete ass of yourself and enjoy it. I should know, I did it almost two weeks ago and I'm only just coming down off the high. 

I may sound like Nelson, but I feel like Marcia Brady in the Desi Arnaz and Davy Jones Brady Bunch episodes, only I got goo-goo eyed by Glenn Tilbrook. Yes, the voice of Squeeze, the livewire powerhouse performer, the acoustic watch-me-play-Hendrix's-Voodoo-Child-behind-my-back wonder! 

I'm not talking about this as some kind of adolescent Pin-up boy thing, I was smitten by the music. I bought, listened to, learned every song--collective, solo and guest vocalist--and sang along. I saw Squeeze all over the globe--Ah, hell, you get gist of my groupiedom. The point is, in 1987, at the height of my groupiosity, I met Glenn and had that all important photo snapped. Yes, that was a thrill. Every time I saw him and spoke to him was a thrill, but thanks to that one photo, and a very, very dear friend (Hear that KHWP?), it only took twenty years to fulfill the fantasy of being invited to sing on a stage with Glenn. Hence the goo-goo eyedness.

The point of this goofy little story?

Do I really need to spell it out?

Ok (insert sigh here).

Listen up. Dreams do come true--even the fluffiest, most adolescent, most inane sounding ones where you know you look like the biggest dork on the planet, but don't give a damn. 

If you're really lucky, you have someone as gracious as Glenn make you look good. Cheers then to you, Mr Tilbrook!

In the immortal words of Bobby Brady. Wow!



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Feb. 11th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
You are my very dear friend, too. I'm thrilled that I had a small part in making your dream a reality. I knew you could do it and do it well...
Love, KHWP
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